Reality Town / Newsletter 2020


The Pandemic has certainly changed a lot of things about this school year. With social distancing still in effect and large crowds discouraged, this creates a challenge for a fall Reality Town event, at least holding it in the traditional way.

Holding your Reality Town event in the spring as a fun year end activity might be something that you would want to consider for this school year. Hopefully, we will be a little more normal by then, but who knows!

If that will not work and you still would like to have your students participate in a Reality Town event this fall here are a few suggestions and helps.

We are offering a set of power point presentations that walk students through the Reality Town activity as a group or as individuals on the computer or a combination of both. The presentations can work for online learning or in a small group setting such as a classroom. In each of these scenarios’ students would need their own personalize student handbook where they would record their choices and purchases. We are offering the Flash Drive with these presentations to schools that have the Reality Town kit and license for $35.00 which includes shipping.

Ideas for use of these presentations:

The presentations could be used as a class presentation with students making purchases as group in their classroom or larger area that would support the social distancing. This would take at least 2 hours of class time that could be divided up over several days or done in one block of time.

These presentations may also be uploaded to the school’s website – such as part of a teacher or counselor’s web page where students view the power points on their own and complete the purchases in their Reality Town Handbooks either in the classroom or at home. These presentations would be in a PDF format which would eliminate the animation that happens in our power points but would make it so students do not need PowerPoint on their computer.

With any of these you would want discussion and periodic checking to make sure that students are participating and understanding the concepts being learned.

Of course if you are a small school and have enough space to social distance you could still run Reality Town the traditional way and have students stand in lines 6 feet apart while they wait (just like in REAL life)

We also offer a Check Register in Excel that automatically does the calculations for the students – they just need to put in their monthly income and the purchase prices at each of the businesses.

As always we are here to work with you any way we can through this non- conventional school year.


We have finally updated our website. Check it out and let us know if we missed anything.

You may order on our website or using an order forms which are PDF fillable. To keep cost down we decided not to opt for online payments but have add an invoice pay feature.

Invoices will be emailed with a button that you can click to pay by fund transfer or with a credit card. We will still except checks which continues to be our preferred method of payment.

TIME SAVER – use the “Pay Stub Template”. Copy and paste your student list into the spreadsheet. The jobs are in a drop-down menu so that if you start to type the job it will appear for you to click on. This template is found under “Recourses”. This template uses Excel.


We encourage you to check out this feature. Students have a lot more buy-in when they get to choose their own job. Check out the site it only takes students a few minutes to input the information and it can even be done from home. We have 2 forms for submitting on-line student job requests. Both work

the same. This is an on- line service that we provide for the low cost of $24.95. All you need to do is let us know when you plan to have your students submit.

If you are using our on-line submission form, we have provided the following information so you can make sure it is not blocked by your school

ON-LINE SUBMIT WEBSITE INFORMATION: – this form is run on “joomla” – On-Line Form is found under “Resources” This site is run using Workpress.

Both sites are hosted by GoDaddy

We are finding that Chromebooks at some schools are experience problems – but not all schools

Please let us know if you have problem so that we can help you find another method of submitting.

WE WISH YOU WELL as you navigate the challenges that this school year brings!

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