Reality Town Kit & License


The Kit includes everything you need to put on your own successful Reality Town for years to come. The kit contains: Coordinator and Lesson Plan Manual, Set of Laminated Business Instructions for each of the 24 different Reality Town Businesses, Material such as spinner boards, card sets, stamps and notepads for the each of the businesses, a Career List, a Presentation Flash Drive for Training Volunteers and teaching the Pre & Post Simulation Lessons. This kit will accommodate 200 students. The only additional item you will need to purchase each year is a personalized student handbook and pay stub for each student participating.

Note: If you have more than 200 students add the Expansion Kit to your Order (each expansion kit will accommodate an additional 200 student)

If you have less than 100 students – call for Small school pricing

Discount pricing available for District kit purchases.

Banners & Signs are not included and are available for an additional cost.

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