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– Mike Olsen Canyon View Jr. High

“I was introduced to Reality Town at a counselor conference, and have done the program for four years. Our school’s PTA was very enthusiastic from the beginning. The enthusiasm has only increased until now they just put out a sign up sheet at back to school night and they get more than enough volunteers. They […]

– Dan

“I am participating in the program tomorrow. All the 8th grade’s do it. It’s an excellent program to just show them life isn’t always easy.”

– Mary Richards

“The Reality Town program is an excellent tool to teach teens on a small scale what they have to look forward to when the NBMD closes (National Bank of Mom & Dad). This program is long overdue, and I wish I would have had something like it when I was in jr. high.”

– Chris Johnson San Juan School District

“We conducted our first Reality Town activity on January 10th. It went very well. The students, parent and community volunteers, teachers, counselors and building principal were all extremely pleased with the results. Thank you! Reality Town is really a great activity.”

– Carol Ecker Hill Middle School

“The personalized pay stubs made a world of difference. I liked the way they are personalized with student names, their career choice, tax information, student and business loans, life scenario and number and ages of children. I also liked that I could personalize them for my individual school by changing the ratio of single parents and […]

– Greg

“It sounds like an excellent idea, similar to the game of ‘Life’ but without that pesky spinner that always falls off its spindle.”